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Albert Surabian

Albert Surabian is currently one of the most successful real estate business professionals in Massachusetts. After making the “Leap of Faith” and entering the real estate industry, he quickly became one of the top 10% producing real estate agents in his firm out of 200 agents in his first year as a full-time agent. Albert created his personal brand “Surabian & Sons HomeWorks” which is named after his two sons, Henry and Owen. He is very grateful for them and his wife, Danielle. With a college degree and now over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing Albert was still trying to search for the best career path that didn’t just feel like a job anymore. After spending endless and countless years working, understanding and improving his skills, he found Real Estate. “Real estate has given me the opportunity to provide a healthy lifestyle for my family and other families while still being able to learn and improve my skills. I love to learn, I love business, I love family, I love winning, I love success, and I love making others happy! Every day is a new day and that is because I speak with new people every day mostly on the phone to see what I can do to help them in their life.”

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